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Nafissatou Diallo Dominique Strauss-Kahn IMF Scandal

(Audio available durther in this article)

IMF scandal: Nafissatou Diallo named by French and African media organizations.

The Dominique Strauss-Khan scandal continues to grow, with the IMF boss accused of assaulting a maid in his luxury hotel apartment at the weekend in, Manhattan, New York City. French media have come under fire from US media for identifying the alleged victim, Nafissatou Diallo, various reports online said.

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The scandal, with huge international consequences has rattled the global financial communicty. The alleged Nafissatou Diallo incident is a huge topic in Strauss-Khan's home of France, where the Socialist was slated to be candidate for the next Presidential election.

The events began at the weekend with the International Monetary Fund Chief and potential future President Dominique Strauss-Khan arrested at JFK airport after an alleged incident involving Nafissatou Diallo, a maid at the financial chiefs luxury hotel.

French and other global media outlets named the victim as Nafissatou Diallo, who has lived in the US for 13 years after immigrating from Guinea.

32-year-old Nafissatou Diallo is living a situation few have been before, with many in France refusing to believe the maid's story against the financial boss Strauss-Khan, with a survey showing 57% of the French voting population believing Strauss-Khan was the victim of a set up and not an attacker.

But Diallo Dominique is certainly not part of a vast right-wing French poltical conspiracy to destroy any chance of Socialist Party victory over current French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Reports said Ms Nafissatou Diallo arrived in the US, following her then husband, a shop keeper, in 1998. Nafissatou Diallo is now a single mother of one living in the Brox.

Friends of Ms Nafissatou Diallo told French media that she was a "serious woman" and a "very hard worker."

The friends and relatives of Ms Nafissatou Diallo expressed their anger and frustration at French reports and accusations that the situation was a political set up.

A social media movement has began since Ms Nafissatou Diallo was named, with various Facebook Nafissatou Diallo support groups springing up.

Meanwhile the IMF boss has resigned his post, but denies all allegations. The French President has continued to remind his people and the rest of the world that Strauss-Kahn is innocent until proven otherwise.

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