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Dozens hurt during clashes in Guinea

(Audio available further in this article)

Conakry - Angry youths trashed police offices and clashed with security forces in Guinea on Tuesday, leaving dozens of people wounded after an injured high school student died of alleged negligence, police and witnesses said.

Students in the town of Kamsar, 300km from the capital Conakry, “rose up en masse this morning to protest against the guilty negligence of hospital officials who allow a poor, injured student to die”, a teacher told AFP.

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Police used teargas and clubs to break up the protest as students threw stones, leaving an unspecified number of people injured on both sides, police said.

Demonstrators also lit tyres and overturned garbage bins.

A resident said the youth was injured in a traffic accident last weekend and rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where doctors asked the equivalent of 550 euros for medical treatment.

Students attacked hospital staff and set fire to cars parked outside the hospital, the resident added.

Witnesses told AFP that several students were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location. -


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