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Gantry 5 is an advanced, versatile and multi-platform template framework, perfectly designed for the modern web.
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Gantry 5 benefits from an integrated menu system, with intuitive mobile support, and extensive controls.
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Japan offers $ 5.8 million to Guinea

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The Japanese government has earmarked an envelope of 5.8 million dollars for Guinea. This envelope is designed to solve the problems of food insecurity in the most deprived areas, a statement from the office of the Food Programme (WFP).

According to WFP, this aid comes "at a critical juncture" where food insecurity and natural disasters are resurfacing.

Quoted in the press release, the WFP Representative, Fatma Samoura, said that with this contribution, the institution will be able to provide vital food and nutritional support to 431,500 "vulnerable people" until the end of 2010.


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The beneficiaries are from the poorest region of Guinea Forestiere, departments and Gaoual Koundara (North) and the city of Conakry, the capital.

The elementary school students enrolled in "schools assisted" by the WFP, through its 680 school canteens, will also benefit from this assistance.

One objective of this assistance, which will cover 180,200 students, is to contribute to the improvement in enrollment, attendance and achievement of students, particularly girls.

About 28,500, including 17,800 malnourished children, pregnant women and persons infected or affected by HIV and AIDS, will also be supported.

The objective of the assistance is to prevent and reduce malnutrition among children under five years and to improve food security and nutrition of people on antiretroviral therapy and their families.

Food assistance will also affect 3,500 Ivorian refugees, based in the south, to prevent food insecurity.

According to a survey conducted in 2009 by WFP and the government, nearly 2.4 million people or 32 percent of the Guinean population, are in a situation of food insecurity, including eight per cent are affected by "a severe food insecurity. "

Conakry - 08/09/2010

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