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Threats of boycott of the presidential elections in Guinea.

(Audio available further in this article)

The dignitaries from Upper Guinea, one of the four natural regions of the country, are protesting against the cancellation of the first round results in several important cities of this region. A cancellation decided by the Supreme Court in late July because of fraud and irregularities. Ten days before the second round, the Coordination of Upper Guinea, which includes the wise and respected from this region, defends the candidate Alpha Condé and believes that he was cheated in that decision.

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They are calling on the attention of the acting president Sékouba Konaté and threaten to withdraw from the electoral process if nothing is done.  This is a surprising approach just nine days before the second round, especially when we know that regional coordinations are not meant to be political actors.

Mamadou Kouyaté, spokesman for the Coordination of Upper Guinea, surprised more than one when he made this known. In the presence of several dignitaries Mandingo, he took up the cause of Alpha Condé and threatened to boycott the poll.

In Guinea, there are four natural regions and each region’s coordination represent the views of the respective communities. But those coordinations do not usually interfere in the political debate let alone going to threaten to boycott elections.

Moreover, the arguments used by Mamadou Kouyaté are unconvincing. He criticizes the Supreme Court of having annulled the results of the first round in several cities of Upper Guinea. Besides the fact that all candidates have suffered the same fate, he forgets that qualified candidates have endorsed the first round results.

In Conakry, many are left to wonder about the ulterior motives of the dignitaries of the Upper Guinea. This is the first time a threat to boycott the poll is taken at such a level. It occurs in a context of mistrust and tension, the coalition Arc-en-ciel of the candidate Alpha Condé, demanding the departure of several senior officials of the Electoral Commission.

Source: RFI

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